From an early age, Antoinette found comfort and security in her set of pencils and sketch pad. She would spend hours a day at school, her local Boys & Girls Club and at home drawing. Throughout her teenage years, Antoinette was able to perfect her color pencil technique and advance in to college level art courses as a high school student. Art seemed to be the only thing that ever made sense to Antoinette. Her ability to create art was the only real sense of stability she found as a youth. She knew that she had been given a special gift to create and that one day she could use it to change lives. It was her lifeline, her way of escaping the everyday struggle she and her family had to face.

Being a Phoenix native, Antoinettes work is very reflective of her city- the gritty and the beautiful. Her work is heavily influenced by rap music and hip hop culture with a focus on social injustice and politics. She combines the grittiness of inner city turmoil, war and tragedy with the beauty of music, vibrant color, texture, pattern and an emotionally driven message. Recently Antoinette was named the 2017 and 2018 AZ Foothills Magazine's Best Local Artist. She is the first ever artist to hold this title.

Currently Antoinette works as a full time artist in her studio in Phoenix, Arizona. She also works with youth ages 5-18, teaching art classes that focus on drawing, painting and color theory.