I think we're all addicted. / by Antoinette Cauley

Midnight to 3AM- are my peak creative hours. I spend a lot of time late at night/early in the morning working on paintings and drawings. Recently I've been experimenting more with my paints and my pencils in an effort to grow and push my creativity into realms I didn't even know existed. I feel like an artist should constantly be evolving and developing new ideas.

A couple nights ago, I decided to listen to Chance the Rappers album Acid Rap in a quest for some inspiration. Immediately mind went CRAZY and by song number four, I couldn't help but grab my pencils and sketch book. The feelings I felt while listening to this album are best described as hectic. My mind raced at a pace most would find difficult to keep up with. The energy and mental chaos I felt  is pretty accurately reflected in this drawing. This album really took me on a trip and I'm not 100% sure I ever fully came back.  I feel music should take you to another world. I turn to hip-hop for inspiration in a form of an escape and this album definitely delivered.

Good lookin' out Chance.