Love Yourz / by Antoinette Cauley


Rap music has been one of the best medicines I have EVER received. Through it I have found healing, self acceptance and love, insight on what it means to be happy and most importantly, the strength and courage to pursue my dreams whole heartedly.

Listening to Rap Music takes me through a full spectrum of emotions and through all of these emotions I find inspiration for every piece I create. Whether I'm listening to Kendrick reminding me to love myself or Nipsey reminding me to hustle my ass off and get shit done, every bar I hear paints a picture in my mind. I then take that image and throw it onto a canvas to share with the world. For the first time ever through my new collection of art I am giving you a glimpse into my unique process.

So, why did I choose to use my J. Cole painting as my signature image for this show? If I had to sum up what rap music has taught me it would be to Love Yourz. Might sound a little cheesy but its absolutely true. You just always, no matter the circumstances or situations you find yourself in, you have to cherish and appreciate the life you've been given. Its precious and should be treated with unconditional love and care.

Every person has a chance to make an impact on this world. Your life is yours to mold and you only have one so don't waste it on meaningless things. Too often do people spend their lives searching for things they already have. They search for love when the most important love of all lives inside of them. They search for happiness when happiness is birthed from within. They search for financial gains when true wealth is not monetary. STOP searching for what you already have and start living. Give a little more, love a lot more and make your dreams happen.  Anything else is a waste of time that someone else wasn't lucky enough to have.

If you don't take anything else away from this post just please remember to always Love Yourz.

I will see you on Feb. 20th!

P.S. Happy Birthday J. Cole! 



"Love Yourz"  24x24"  Acrylic on Canvas  For Sale on Feb. 20th at the Barz to Brushstrokes Exhibition

"Love Yourz"


Acrylic on Canvas

For Sale on Feb. 20th at the Barz to Brushstrokes Exhibition